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The Noble Truth

by Will-Powerz

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released March 1, 2014

All songs written and produced by Will-Powerz, except 'Galaxy' and 'Watching Me' which were co-written by Will-Powerz and Gareth Paul. All songs mixed by Will-Powerz and Tim 'Latent' Plant at Flabby Toad Studios.



all rights reserved


Will-Powerz London, UK

UK producer, rapper and singer. Want beats, collabs or bookings? Go to and get in touch. Join the movement.

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Track Name: It's Ok
<Verse 1>
I want to make you listen
I want to make you realize what you're missing
I can take you higher
Tell me why you're denying your desire
Given...your life's your own
And you've struggled alone through all the evil that the world has thrown
But baby it's ok, I never could abuse you that way

Could you think I'd do that to you?

<Verse 2>
I've always been your hero
So I can't see a reason for your fear, oh baby
I still don't think you realize what you're missing.
All the hurt that you've been through
I've always been here for you
I know that you're afraid...
But baby it's ok


It's ok...
It's ok...
It's ok...
It's ok...
Track Name: Galaxy
<Verse 1>
I've been shooting through space among the stars
Drifting a million miles from Mars
I'm lost, alone, then what do I see?
The most beautiful thing in the galaxy
It's you, you are my sun, my moon,
My shining star, wherever we are
Inside the galaxy...
I'm home as long as you're there with me.

<Verse 2>
Where you came from
I will never know
I believed that I would always be alone
You're my supernova, you're my shooting star
Wherever you may go I'll never be too far away from you...
My sun, my moon
You'll be there to guide me through
Through it all there's nothing I won't do for you

Please know that I will
Always love you more than you can see
This universe was built for you and me
So let's fly through at the speed of light
The world will be out of sight when we're together
Let's stay that way forever.
Track Name: Watching Me
<Intro - Gareth Paul>
Breathe slowly...
Please know me...
I...I...ooh, I...

<Verse 1 - Will-Powerz>
I remember when you first pushed me into your life
You said that you needed me there to survive
At the time I was deprived and barely alive
enticed by suicide, I wanted to die
Imagin what it's like when your mind has betrayed you
Nothing outside can raise you cos it breakes you
Life forsakes you, and just as your last breath nears
An angel with the warmth to reverse death hears.
She tells you she loves you, you ask her why
She says she can't bear to see you cry
She loves that you need her, loves that you fight
And every time she holds you the Earth seems bright
She holds on tight, she says 'don't hide'
She pulls out something you buried inside
Enlightened and you love her back
She redeems all you believe that you lack, still...

<Chorus - Gareth Paul>
Ooh...watching me...
I'm cold and I can't breathe...
Tell me what you

<Verse 2 - Will-Powerz>
I remember when you told me you knew I wasn't yours
You said you'd let me leave when I find what I'm looking for
But until then it was all about 'us'
Either you didn't believe or you didn't trust
Imagine what it's like when your prayers get an answer
Even in pain, it's something to take a chance for
Giving you a glance of something that would enhance your existence
Now you're in a trance, you've been gifted. But...
Wait...How have you forgot?
In heaven she's an angel, but here she's not.
She's trying to pull through cos she's afraid too
And the fact that you needed her made her need you
The truth is you still do
Your life started when one became two
But the more you smile the more she thinks it's just a while
Til the day that she loses you

<Chorus - Gareth Paul>

<Verse 3 - Will-Powerz>
I remember when you told me I'm not what you need
You said you have nothing left you could offer me
The fact that I need you went from making you want me
To just being an inadequacy
One more time, imagine what it's like when your angel
Saves you, then remains at your side
Without her you'd have died, and every moment you try
To remind her that she's the meaning of your whole life
But something beyond me changed
I know it wasn't me, cos every day I loved you the same
And I'm above looking for someone to blame
Even though I wanna cry just hearing your name.
I never really knew why you loved me
And I never really knew why you stopped
It would break me to see you with another man
But it would hurt just as much if you're not..

<Chorus - Gareth Paul>
Track Name: Poltergeist
<Verse 1>
When you were lost at night
I gave my light to you
When tears fell from your eyes
I gave my heart to pull you through
What I decided to give to you
Left a cold and empty space
Torn Inside me, now all that's left
Is a ghost that wears your face

Haunting Me...
You're always on my mind
You're my poltergeist
I'll never say goodbye...

<Verse 2>
With you head on my shoulder
I'd sing songs to you...
You said making you smile
Was something only I could do
But now you're smiling for somebody else
And life drifts by
All I have to sing to now
Is the ghost you left behind


All I do...
Is dream of you...
I wish you knew...

Track Name: Depression
Breathe the pain away...

<Verse 1>
Emplacement all my own
She's the only glow I feel.
Her warmth...embrace
Oh comfort I can't face...
Come to take the pain away...

<Chorus 1>
Help...Please help
Make it stop...make it go away...
I've had my fill and it's more than I can take....

<Verse 2>
Beautiful silence...
Harmony, grace, relief...
I made it here through tears now I believe...
In the fight
I feel its fire burn...
My lifeline, cause for breath
It's the light I see in her...

<Chorus 2>
Help...Please help
Make it stop
Throw it out the door...
I've had enough and I can't take any more...
Track Name: The Permanent Solution
<Verse 1>
Fragments of dreams
Of what Life promised you
Pieced together with memories
Of all you used to do
Still my heart breaks
Over what they put you through
I'm her to give you something to hold onto...

<Chorus 1>
Close your eyes
As I surround you
Hear me...Feel me...
Be hypnotized by me...

<Verse 2>
Feel me within you
And move in time with me
The world is spinning slow now
And you're all that I can see
Deep inside you
We combine so perfectly
Your soul is crying out now
We're in harmony...

<Chorus 2>
Lose yourself
To sweet surrender
Need me...Breathe me...
Let me set you free...