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Will-Powerz debut mixtape features the best of Will's beats and vocals, with the help of a wealth of fantastic features and collaborations with artists from the UK and US.


released November 28, 2013

Will-Powerz (producer, rapper, singer) Stas Greekboii (rapper) Latent (producer, sound engineer) Gareth Paul (singer) Ricky Benang (rapper) Clef Sector (producer, sound engineer) Snypa DD (rapper) Severe (rapper) Kevin Strickland (rapper) A Double (rapper) Daysta (rapper) Faye (singer)



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Will-Powerz London, UK

UK producer, rapper and singer. Want beats, collabs or bookings? Go to and get in touch. Join the movement.

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Track Name: Volition Intro [Prod. Will-Powerz]
Tip-toeing through life I pretend
That time might change what awaits at the end
Enemies and friends, inherent beliefs, trends
I'll ascend to the seldom-seen spiritual Zen, what then?
Tell me what drives you, I can just listen
The journey through the mind is a mission of stealth
For admission of self, I petition
The hero and the villain of the story is volition
Track Name: All Bars, No Hooks [Prod. Will-Powerz]
Will-Powerz known to spin beats among the dirt
Wielding words as weapon like William Wordsworth
My surplus of words will certainly provide a burden
Ain't you heard? Hip-Hop's dead and buried, wrapped inside a curtain!
Will-Powerz holding down bass like a soldier
Trying to embrace what I face getting older
Dreams dry up, stagnate and become colder
Than being stranded in Antarctica in an over-the-shoulder boulder holder.
The 90s was a golden age for rappers
Now they talk about 9s but miss the T like BA Baracus
Glorifying guns enabled Conservative backers
To condemn rap and then take offence at the word 'crackers'.
Powerz just one of the phatter society mappers
Who's vying for the enactment of propriety for rappers
Boom, Bap, BING! The bassline shatters the matter contained framed in your face while you chatter!
Will-Powerz known to vanish without a trace
Like Madeleine McCann but nobody's seen my face
Hiding in the place where fake music's embraced
And if I die from it I just beat you in the human race.
The craft you deface, I've marked you as a disgrace
In the past hard graft and masters set the pace
Now rappers sing with auto-tuners and waste
Makes me wanna burn iTunes 'Urban Database'.
THIS AIN'T URBAN - we call it HIP-HOP!
It loves every style of music except pop!
Grey skies clearing it's time for a fresh crop
Calling every rapper up in the cards of Don't Flop.
Think about the art and you'll find it's behind
What's hidden between the lines in every rapper's book of rhymes.
Bars full of crimes and personal gain frame
The illusion of fame as merely cheapening your name.
WILL-POWERZ! Say it once more for the game!
Spitting fire like a Dhalsim Yoga Flame
Rappers selling out made the craft go lame
Then they tried to cast blame like they made an insurance claim!
Please GET OUT! You know who you are
Featured on the album of some bait pop-star
I'd even go as far as to dedicate you a bar
To say I hope a crazy stalker cuts the brakes on your car!
Picturing you burn, a victim of your desertion
Of discerning emcees, but people will never learn:
Respect works best if it's something you suffer to earn
Then turn it into something that's a service to the world.
Track Name: The Mirror feat. Stas Greekboii [Prod. Will-Powerz]
[Stas Greekboii]
Every night I try to battle myself demons
I walk around in my bedroom like a pacing lion in this pig pen
Looking at me like I can't amount to shit, but I can
I just gotta get myself together for it to happen
I've been battling thoroughly through these struggles
Going for confession then killing these instrumentals
I need to be forgiven for my sins that been committed
God forgive me I stay true to what I have promised
Yeah, I been going through hard conflicts
Mom and Dad fighting I open my mind and start writing
I'm like the typical cat with struggles but still got pride
Nice on the outside with scars on the inside
Hop in my shoes and give my hard life a try
You'll witness all the drama fights and still feel deprived
Momma told me one thing: to keep pushing and try
I'll keep going til I get in the right state of mind

I keep walking around in the night
Like I don't know what I'm gonna do with my life
I look around and look in the mirror (What's contained in the reflection?)
Try to see myself clearer (Tryna change my direction)
I keep walking around in the night
Like I don't know what I'm gonna do with my life
I look around and look in the mirror (That's how it's gotta be)
Try to see myself clearer (How clear do I need?)

Clearer than the fear of dark days getting nearer
I feel afraid cos the price paid's getting dearer
How do you embrace fake smiles on your face
As you give up on the chase for a better future era?
Learning from the world expecting wealth
My words effect nothing in the world except myself
In turn it wrecked my health, better than me?
You better believe it's better to be
A veteran set in a method of freedom ready to lead indefinitely
But every warrior has a weapon to bury
Looking back finding my regrets are many
The mirror of the past, like looking through stained glass
Memory can place a mask where you never intended
So any mistakes you're ashamed to tell
Remember when it happen bro you only meant well
Life can be a ride, one day you climb the next you slide
But always keep in my you gotta hold your head high!

Track Name: Powerz-Will [Prod. Will-Powerz & Latent]
Will-Powerz is gone, but on another level
I be writing songs from the soul like it's sold to the devil
Rebel to the core I'm inevitable and enabled
To belong, whether it be wrong or dishevelled
Strong, I been battered for a long time, never had a fond mind
Revelled in the soul you bedevilled
Strung heavy metal as a confine, combined
Designed better elements to rhyme for my mind.
Time is irrelevant, and elevated shine
Is diving, higher high than inebriated kinds
Spiritual I will live it, you will be inclined
To absorb, I will give it to you, live it to decide
The meaning of life, the ,music we use it
Deciphering a message inscribed in our minds
No it's not the same fight Powerz had personified
Hours not defined, pilgrimage for the blind

[Seek and you will find
That which you enshrine]

And on another page, now I'm of an age
Of a rage, die for the life struggles I engage
Powerz was a fabrication, Will an enigma
Labels and stigma, throw him on the stage!
Or know him from the page - ink to the voice
Poetry alone, rhythm raises a choice
Melody, the soul inherent in the sound
Harmony, sweet, bringing heaven to the drowned
Or rap, the harsh words pound like a drum
Rhythm and rhyme, they are divinity for some
There's harmony in rhythm, harmony in sound
Lyricism harnessed effortlessly, blessedly profound
Lesser people frown as you scream from the pivot
You will spiritually inhabit abstract ground
GRAB THAT NOW you can partake, have a part stake
In enlightenment, cosmos-bound.
Dilla be around...Dilla changed souls
Will'll be evolved as the contours mould
As the cold shade wraps in its crude embrace
Folds in the slighter minds of our race
Escape is a chase, are we on the same side?
Blame pride for the elevated dirt we applied

[I say: Music Hasn't Died]

Dried and it supplied a bit of sly hit
Chart songs, money-maker sharks it belonged to
Chance it, I want to bring it to you brand new
Sling it to you sing it to you, whatcha gonna do, huh?
A new dawn age of aquarius, share you're aware of us, wary ensnaring us
No longer Powerz it's just Will. Hours on how I can make the thoughts stand still
The concept real: the brain, the same, in pain and angel came and changed the game; HEALED
Strange an name can make an idea sealed
In the cried tear-spangled eyes of my field
Powerz I can feel I will miss you, never diss you
And your legacy will drive me to build
Until I arrive at the light and fulfilment
Shower me with dreams...I'll see you there
Track Name: Can't U See? feat. Daysta [Prod. Will-Powerz]
There's a lesson in possession from my past life regression
With more flows than legion I show in my expression
It's a dark tale to tell, like a gateway to Hell
I seen insight on the night that the Blue Angel fell
To a pit far below where, chained and restrained,
Only anger, hatred and jealousy remained
He taps the brightest part of us, lingers in our thoughts
Makes you unbelieve all the fear you was taught
He enters your soul on a day-to-day basis
Possessing your emotion, reflected in your hatred
Feeds on negativity, hides the realities
Of a soul-struggle so you don't even battle, see?
It's ruthless how truthless, heartless and cruel
Is the beast in your soul always waiting to rule
It's a state of emergency, the level of the urgency
The spiritual and literal power of the ritual

Can't U See the mark of the beast?
Can't U see the destruction of peace?
It's part of the prophecy foretold throughout the ages
It's coming! It's Coming! We're at the final stages!

It's a struggle to resist
The devil hides in our mind's lie that he doesn't exist
Every vice we persist and delight as a gift
Must apply pride to provide sight of a wish!
Invidia, full of spite, is the glitch
That an envious mind can't fight like an itch
From the bite of a parasite hiding in the pits
Of a gluttonous rich man lying in a ditch.
Lust is a twitch with the power to bewitch
The quick, the sick, the sour and the switch is flicked
Before allowing, for kicks you're now devouring
Flowers of the artificial kingdom you cower in.
Now you're bowing to your pain;
Rage, laziness and greed for any material gain
The seven deadly sins sling dirt on the Earth
There's seven heavenly virtues, learn what they're worth man

Track Name: Only The Good feat. Gareth Paul [Prod. Will-Powerz]
[Gareth Paul - Chorus]
I know it comes for everyone
You can't hide and you can't run
If our mistakes can't be undone
Only the good die young

Altogether memories are hard to tell apart
It's rare to find a memory that lingers in your heart
Other than memories that represent a new start
Or chances you took for granted that end up being your last
My chance passed with others, we never knew
Just a normal day in school would be our final time to speak to you
We never knew that the day the ambulance took you away
We lost the chance to say that we loved you. Because we did
Seventeen, we were just kids
You were the brightest among us, every moment you lived
You did nothing but give, and you were equipped with
A gift for living happily unrestricted
But in one moment you were stripped of it
No-one could predict it, it was so quick
It's difficult to depict, like a switch was flicked
And there was nothing we could do to fix it...nothing


The last time that I saw you, I was in the street
You were on a stretcher looking like you were asleep
With a respirator helping you to breathe, I was scared but never believed
That life would only offer you two more weeks
I remember the phone call, struggling to speak
When I first heard they turned off the life support machine
I was like "What does that mean?" My friend in his grief
Didn't want to have to say the words differently
See, words, in the end they aren't enough
Every one of us woke up on the first day
Knowing you were gone. The world carried on
But for us time froze in the moment you were taken from.
The moment you were holding on
The moment we were praying you could still recover from
The moment to this day we still dream we could change
The moment that in memory we constantly prolong


We were only kids, you were in a box
Carefully they carried you and placed you at the top
Of a shrine of flowers and photographs with a cloth
Embroidered with words quoting a solemn prayer to God
I almost felt ashamed of my own heartbreak
Your mother cried more than her body could take
For her sake your dad chose to speak. Stood beside you
And told us the story of your last two weeks
He recalled that you opened your eyes
And even though you only had movement in one side
You comforted your mother as she cried, reached out to hold her
Every second you breathed you'd carry on the fight
Til only a machine was keeping you alive
You silently drifted away in the night
In our dreams and memories we sustain your life
You changed our lives...

Track Name: If For Life feat. Faye [Prod. Clef Sector]
[Chorus - Will-Powerz]
People living on their knees tryna get by
People dying in the streets trying to survive
Every struggle every never-ending fight
Wishing everything will be alright

[Chorus - repeat]
Sifting through the bars, Will drifting through the stars
Still a million miles away from Mars, destination far
Estimation target designation hard, desperation
I regard education marred our imagination
Regard preservation as the bard
Explanation of the shards of my heart
This my declamation marked by the defamation
Of the human nation as we're racing to the end of domination

All that we give for life
We live for life
And if for life
We give our lives

Remember me...
Track Name: Lady Society [Prod. Latent]
If only you could see how deranged I can be
If only I explain what remains within me
Talking dreams of relief to extremes of belief
Plotting schemes underneath what I speak and you see.
See this here is my fantasy, and my woman is society
Gyrating slowly as she dances for me privately
I am free to strip her to the flesh our lies are hiding
She's a state of mind blinded by zeitgeist and irony.
Dimethyltriptomine; spectral effervescent
Psychedelic light nebulized clouds the skies we fly between
Time freezes, dry ice screen the weaved realities
And seemless fallacies a human seeks
Her eyes shine brighter than life's prizes that justify violence
And silently cry more than I could ever hope to buy
But hope to buy's precisely what her misty eyes remind me of
Man's design to balance sacrifice with open pride
Unable to decline but unwilling to resign I bind her eyes behind a blindfold
Lady Society is intrigued; why hide what I've seen
But try to abide enticement twice? Now the scenery's
Enclosed, she's unclothed, sliding closer
Pheromones intoxicate and strike in her aroma
She knows I've been exposed to the glow of possibility
Now to show me I can only get it through servility
Her lips whisper to me with language and imagery
Seductively she tells me what my desire should be
It seems she has the audacity to preach to me about freedom
Paradoxically, toxically, leads me to believe
I'm needed, I'm heeded, I'm unique and unexceeded
If I leave my individuality she'll always carry me...
She's all that I can see in the swirling haze around me
There may be something further with the beauty to astound me
Her covered eyes have bound me to the bounty
And the whispers of her lips, impossible to resist like Will O' The Wisp
Mystified I mask her face, deepening the masquerade
Keeping her advance at bay, giving me a chance to say
I'm looking for a different way, the pain that I convey
Makes her hesitate, like a killer with its first prey
Persevering with the fray I make my play and stray away
From Lady Society to chance it in the grey
To blaze a trail as a castaway, at last display
A vast array of martial arts, I paid to study Descartes
But they can't persuade me that she won't betray me
She'll keep on dictating, her charms will decay me
But as the day recedes, motivation seems to cease to breathe
I'm alone amid the trees and on the breeze I catch the scent:
Lady Society
Maybe I'm uneasy but she still inspires my
And once again she's all that I can see, now
I feel Her, I need Her, in fear I'm beneath Her
I tried to be free in society; o be or not to be
I can't believe it isn't possible, it's got to be
She's got to me, I know it, I'm reeling, I'm feeling ecstasy
Inexorably swept to be everything she expects of me
She's a multiplicity; a plethora
Whether I seek freedom or never believe in leaving
I'll forever be weaved among the skin
Someone intravenously feeding me edicts like a king.
Nothing eternal I'm just an epidermal cell
Interminably preserving a certain version of the shell
A burden I be or not to be
The options I've adopted make living a lottery
Instead I'm taking option three: let a disease spread in our melanin
Carcinogenic, ahead of any relevant medicine:
If I'm going down then I'll take the Lady with me
Misery, hate and rage are the gifts the Lady gives me
Call it a murder/suicide, anything you like
I survive sometimes by dreaming of the day that I die
Dreaming of the day that I die
Dreaming of the day that I die...
Track Name: Hands Of Time feat. Snypa D Delic [Prod. Will-Powerz]
[Snypa D Delic]
As time flies by every year I'm getting older
Months fly by and days are soon over
I tell myself to keep composure
Remain strong like a soldier and catch what life throws ya
Too much a lot of weight on your shoulder
Life can be tough I'm sure you knew before I told ya
Friends close, enemies closer
This ain't Jeremy Dot Operah, nah
I'm getting what's rightfully mine so I'm
Going all out when I'm writing these rhymes
In time I visualize I'll make it big time
So in my spare time I'm writing these rhymes
Driving 'em mental, but yet I don't drive
So slap on an instrumental and just close your eyes
As I take you on a trip to the depths of my mind
A place non-civilized and full of grey skies, no lies
This is my life in words and when I
Wrote this verse I struggled at first but
Then I thought fuck it mate, show 'em what you're worth
So for now, since birth, I swear I've been cursed
I been from good to bad, then worse
From worse to bad then flip it in reverse
Kill it when I spit it give it everything I've learned
Throughout the years the tables have turned, look
I turned my life round now
Cos I'm living my life safe and sound now
Check my YouTube account or Sound Cloud
All these weak emcees better bow down
I been crossed, I been lost, but I'm found now
I got over it now since I found out
Out to everyone I really wanna stand out
GAS MASK FORMATION, we're gonna stand out!

[Chorus - Will-Powerz]
These hands of mine
They can't do nothing 'bout the hands of time
I can't do nothing with these hands of mine
They can't do nothing 'bout the hands of time...

Space/time I chase by and erase mistakes I made tryna base my life on
Fake signs, I trace lines in case it takes the shape Iwould equate the size from
Part of my life's gone, I measure in years
Irrelevant numerical rhetoric subtlely smears
I've got nothing to fear, I have struggles and near buckles
And clear sincere trouble to steer what appears to bubble beneath cheers!
Any anniversary; personal or universal working the rehearsal we
Learn observing history, furnishing the mystery
Of yearning for the gift to see the person that you wish to be
The clock ticks another tock
Another thief somewhere pickas another lock
Another leaky tap drip-drips another drop
And another 'once had' becomes another 'have not'...
Space/time relativity, I embrace mine as it's relevant to me
If an element's ever perceived beating the limit of life speed
It might be a nice read with a sweet cup of tea
It's hard escaping the past
We see it every time we get a glance at the stars
Or a chance in our bars as rappers to go hard
On a shard of our heart that's irreparably scarred.
Whether we are or we aren't gonna last
One minute ends then another one starts
You cover it in your graft or your art when you mark
What's regarded as charting the parts of your craft!
You only need to be half-smart
Clock ticks aren't easy to tell apart like...

Track Name: A Simple Life feat. Ricky Benang [Prod. Will-Powerz]
[Ricky Benang]
On the path I talk with a dream for the day we stand as one
My words are the bullets and the mic is a holster that bears a gun
That will shoot with a purpose, hit you with an inspiration
On the road we drive but contemplate the indication
For the fact we slip as a generation daily
For the fact that love is dead unwed mothers aborting their unborn babies
For the fact that love is shadowed by demons and feelings of giving the bullet to death
In the search for the simple things but I wonder what is left?
Fame and fortune earned through torture
Lifelong values, they got slaughtered
Girls who chase that thug life rep but still wanna rep that heavenly daughter
But the demons breathe that poison for chasing the money and greed
Money in trees he makes it rain in return for the soul it's guaranteed
That's how the deal is dealt, but now you've lost yourself
No hope for the simple life you fell for the pits of Satan's wells
Tortured by the voices of Hell, raises you reminisce
When your life was simple but now your soul is what don't exist!

[Chorus - Will-Powerz]
I believe that we
Have never been free
And I want back what they took from me
My identity
A simple life's never been easy...

Right now the future's waiting on you
Man, I you believe it's easy I'll show you a thing or two
See we're living in a world where wealth is a measure of self
And anything else is irrelevant element
Prevalent, decadent, pastimes eminent
Unintelligent art hinder development
I just want to keep it simple
I just want peace and freedom for all my people
'My people' means everyone, differentiating can be overcome
Why are we divided when ultimately we're one?
I wanna bask in the light of the sun
Wanna see past what life has become
Wanna see one day where I breathe with the freedom
To believe I could be at ease some day
Some might say that it's me with the problem
Life's great and the world's a-ok
That being the case, I have no place and I'll
Leave to conceive how I lost my way
Everything I say, what I'm trying to convey
If you don't buy into living your life how they play
There's nothing we desire more deeply
But leading a simple life has never been easy!

Track Name: Get Lifted Again (John Legend Cover) [Prod. Will-Powerz]
Come and go with me
There's so much new to see
Get high with me
Come fly with me
Ooh I want you so
About to lose control
Get high with me
Come fly with me...

So much...
So much I wanna show you...
Get high with me
Come fly with me...
Track Name: Restraint feat. A-Double [Prod. Will-Powerz]
[A Double]
I got a lot of angles in me
I got the Devil and the Angel in me
Cos my city like an asylum ain't no hanging with me
If you never claimed it with me
I hope you get the picture cos I'm known to paint it quickly
Leonardo with the vision and my man Da Vinci
Around these lions and gorillas so they cannons with me
I play my advantage swiftly
You be thinking that he don't, but he do that
Cos growing where we grew at
Them niggas never make it so we gotta go and do that
I'm living where the zoo at
Where they all go try and figure where the loot at
9 out of 10 he done taught 'em how to do that
The irony to that is he ain't even have a clue black
I'm playing with my bootstrap
Me I'm like Nino to niggas because they New Jack
And before I said it he ain't thinking to pursue that
They giving you lies, we be everywhere the truth at
You wonder why you feel it when we speak it cos we do that

A DOUBLE - True facts, and we still gon' pursue that
Cos you know we everywhere they say the loot at
One hand wash the other
And you know both hands where the loot at
WILL-POWERZ - And through that, dispatched in my terrain
We bridging gaps international to build acclaim
So when we hold it down, ain't the fact that we're afraid
Cos the man who holds the power is the man who has restraint

I got a lot of angles on me
Snakes tryna make a profit from me
Con me into rolling with 'em then they drop it on me
Think they're stopping me from clocking what's a problem for me
But I keep it locked like a safe-deposit box
Sorry but you can't knock me. Will treads softly.
Got you where I want you when you start to think you got me
A cocky state of mind ain't a good design to copy
If you can't deliver half of the potential you embody
You think it bother me that ontop of breeding hypocrisy
The Hip-Hop dream routinely makes gods out of mediocrity?
I'm like Socrates swapping beats with philosophy
Possibly ontologically formed of feature of prophecy
Stopped beyond the reach of what fakers speak when they rap
I'm waiting for the breach and I'll take a piece of it back
Sleeping on the whackness I'll make a beast of a track
Then feat on the pack of rappers that ceased taking the slack, ain't no irony in that!

Track Name: Built For This (Dragon) feat. Severe [Prod. Will-Powerz]
All of what I've been through should have broke me down
Bu that plan was misconceived by the Devil and what now
Is apparent I can fight my way through anything
I'm like a fire breathing dragon let loose and everything
Standing in my way gets put to the side or dropped off
The radar, so challenge me with what loss?
Absolutely nothing cos I'm feeling so strong
That I am ready for anything yet to come
I'll move along the path I am walking as my destiny is calling
For me to succeed, let my haters try keep stalling
With abysmal non-effective conclusions
They hold regnant and predominant delusions
That's the case but never mind I stay focused
And intricate in case invading impositions show quick
And try to insistently entice function
That repels progress, but that's no more than their assumption

Just keep pushing on
And stand your ground
Cos you are built for this
Steady flow is better than none
Don't stand around
For hardship you're built equipped

I got mad jokers thinking they can break me
Even my sanity is threatening to forsake me
They think the numbers are providing them with safety
But I show 'em why a freedom fighter rides on higher stakes, see
I'm medieval knights fighting to the death
I'm even breathing white fire that's igniting in my chest
Enlighten and believe unless the grieving we express
Leads a dream beneath the seams of every demon we possess, nah
I've been a flying winged bringer of destruction
Or a serpent sent to haul a nation out of its corruption, and what?
Instruction undermines the mind's powers of deduction
So for now fear is an insurmountable obstruction
They know that Will-Powerz can discern a skilled liar
It's no hiding out behind the earnings you acquire
Cos on the wagon wheeling through the furnace of desire
I'm a dragon man of course I won't be burning in the fire!

Track Name: Go Hard Or Get Out feat. Stas Greekboii & Kevin Strickland [Prod. Will-Powerz]
[Stas Greekboii]
You gotta go hard or get out there's no second option
Once you hit the stage you gotta get it all fucking popping
You know I go hard in this booth every single day
I'm repping New Jersey I portray that in every single flame I spit
Me and Strick we got this fire lit
Will-Powerz gonna come in to complete what we committed
You're gonna have to pick-stitch our lyrics
Cos no other rappers in the game could even compare to us if they dreamt it
You know me and Strickland we got this fucking vision
That we gonna make it big, but it ain't gonna be a vision
It's gonna be a reality; soon enough you're gonna see us
Performing on MTV next to Jay-Z
Since I was a young kid I was taught to dream big
I'm never gonna let go I got a good grip
I'm not in the game to lose, I'm here to win
Going hard ain't just my motto it's the way I live!

Go hard or GET OUT
Go hard or GET OUT
You can't be lackadaisical you have to have the right
Mentality to be successful or else you're gonna be
Resentful and live a life that's not happy but very stressful

[Kevin Strickland]
Go hard or go home, rappers grown as a gnome
In the zone I write tomes and comb shit off the dome
Motherfucker I'm ready with rhymes in a machete
That cut up a teddy be the betty in the shirts ain't 'bout spaghetti
Already a SETI, we'll shred you, confetti
Sharp tongue, steady heart colder than a yeti and
Yet he hasn't killed you yet
Waiting for the field effect
Still detect you will be, wreck a home, you fucking feel me yet?
Nobody is harder, turn rhymers into martyrs
For starters you can't barter, I'm iller than Wayne Carter
Silent like a diamond, kill it whenever I'm rhyming
My lyrics break the hymen, killing shit, perfect timing
Designing the picture, without the help of elixirs
I'm a fixer of this mixture
Rap you just a fiction
Without a purpose, fuck it, go back to where you came
Kevin Strickland's the name, go hard or get out the game!


Believe I take my time when I'm writing a sixteen
I'm weaving innate rhymes, designing a sick scheme
As five of the nine planets arrive in a prime alignment
I'm winding the lines tighter than carbon atoms in diamond!
Part of cracking enlightenment lies in high entitlement
Nullifying the violence, purifying environment
Silence applied science and climates of non-compliance
The blindness of pious acolytes acting like advertisements.
Lacking guidance attachments are trapped inside us
Enacting actual riots and fashioning fake Messiahs
Liars aspire to be suppliers of desire
And I'm trying to amlify what fighting requires
Re-ignite the fires before the culture expires
This is Hip-Hop, why are we treating it like pop?
Drop my name in a cypher: Will-Powerz decipherer
Life of a righteous writer I shine brighter than Blake's tiger!

Track Name: Volition Outro [Prod. Will-Powerz]
Volition is the start, but it can also be the end
Money is the least important currency you'll spend
Others aren't the toughest things with which you must contend
Be water, my friend...