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A Simple Life feat. Ricky Benang [Prod. Will​-​Powerz]

from by Will-Powerz



[Ricky Benang]
On the path I talk with a dream for the day we stand as one
My words are the bullets and the mic is a holster that bears a gun
That will shoot with a purpose, hit you with an inspiration
On the road we drive but contemplate the indication
For the fact we slip as a generation daily
For the fact that love is dead unwed mothers aborting their unborn babies
For the fact that love is shadowed by demons and feelings of giving the bullet to death
In the search for the simple things but I wonder what is left?
Fame and fortune earned through torture
Lifelong values, they got slaughtered
Girls who chase that thug life rep but still wanna rep that heavenly daughter
But the demons breathe that poison for chasing the money and greed
Money in trees he makes it rain in return for the soul it's guaranteed
That's how the deal is dealt, but now you've lost yourself
No hope for the simple life you fell for the pits of Satan's wells
Tortured by the voices of Hell, raises you reminisce
When your life was simple but now your soul is what don't exist!

[Chorus - Will-Powerz]
I believe that we
Have never been free
And I want back what they took from me
My identity
A simple life's never been easy...

Right now the future's waiting on you
Man, I you believe it's easy I'll show you a thing or two
See we're living in a world where wealth is a measure of self
And anything else is irrelevant element
Prevalent, decadent, pastimes eminent
Unintelligent art hinder development
I just want to keep it simple
I just want peace and freedom for all my people
'My people' means everyone, differentiating can be overcome
Why are we divided when ultimately we're one?
I wanna bask in the light of the sun
Wanna see past what life has become
Wanna see one day where I breathe with the freedom
To believe I could be at ease some day
Some might say that it's me with the problem
Life's great and the world's a-ok
That being the case, I have no place and I'll
Leave to conceive how I lost my way
Everything I say, what I'm trying to convey
If you don't buy into living your life how they play
There's nothing we desire more deeply
But leading a simple life has never been easy!



from Volition, released November 28, 2013
Written and performed by Ricky Benang and Will-Powerz
Produced, mixed and mastered by Will-Powerz
Contains a sample from Lost, and a sample from a lecture by Alan Watts



all rights reserved


Will-Powerz London, UK

UK producer, rapper and singer. Want beats, collabs or bookings? Go to and get in touch. Join the movement.

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